Do you struggle to find inspiration when looking for new hairstyles that are flattering in your 50s?

KH Hair Creative Team Member, Helen Stilwell has put together her top tips to help you create that simple, yet stylish look you crave.

If a client came into the salon asking for advice on their grey/salt and pepper hair, I would begin the consultation by looking at their skin tone and considering where colour placement would enhance the best features on their face.  Then I’d consider whether the shape and length had suitability to match their lifestyle.


As we get older, our skin tone changes. This could be due to various reasons including loss of pigment in our skin – just like we lose pigment in our hair. I never say to my clients “go grey gracefully” because grey hair is a cool tone and doesn’t necessarily suit everyone. I would encourage them to work with what’s on trend and, again, consider their skin tone and lifestyle.

Going grey doesn’t have to be boring. It’s all about being able to move away from what you’ve had for years and embracing a change that suits you now – choosing a colour that keeps you young and looking great.  Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen clients embracing their grey by going for a more steel/metallic ash blonde colouring.  This could be a full head, which will give a more dramatic results, or highlights with foils to blend the grey in. This is a good way to go because you can mix warm and cool tones together – especially if the client is still carrying some warmth in their skin.

One of my favourite options, and one I’ve been doing a lot of lately is pastel pink.  Since Helen Mirren rocked it a few years ago, I’ve transformed so many of my clients.  It looks not only funky, but classy and beautiful and suits anyone who has a cool skin tone. Also, it doesn’t have to be a long term commitment with high maintenance. It can be just a bit of fun!


With regard to length, I’ve never agreed with “now I’m 50 I need to cut all my hair off”. I think this assumption is down to years of women leaving their hair to grow and not bothering to colour it.  If it just hangs there then, yes, of course it’s going to be ageing.  So, when it comes to the cut, I always recommend to clients that it’s all about face shape and lifestyle. You can’t suggest a short grey pixie style with a hint of pink to someone who prefers something more classy, sophisticated and polished. The ‘pixie’ would be better suited to someone who likes to experiment. Someone edgy and playful.

If you suggest the wrong cut and colour to someone who wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it, it shows… Listen to your client and give them a look that makes them feel great and keeps them feeling confident.  So many ladies admit they feel past their sell by date, so the right cut and colour can really transform them.

Popular cuts for the over 50s include short and pixie, beautiful classy bobs either with a short fringe, no fringe or a soft side fringe, or styles that look undone, very textured and flicked out. Think Lulu!


When it comes to hair care, greys can sometimes look dull and coarse so it’s important to use products that help enhance the grey colour and to put moisture back into it.

Grey hair can also be fine and limp so using a volume shampoo with a volume leave-in conditioner can really help.

These give moisture and texture at the same time.  I’d recommend the Wella System Professional  range of products specifically designed for blonde and grey hair.

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