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Jessica Neil, KH Hair Creative Team director, gives her advice to help you cope during lockdown:

  1. My hair gets greasy really quickly, is there anything I can do to stop this?

Firstly, which shampoo are you using? If your shampoo and conditioner are too heavy for your hair this will make your hair quite greasy. If you have fine, limp hair with slightly dry ends, you should be using a volumising shampoo which is specifically formulated for limp hair.  Then use a hydrating conditioner on the ends only. There is no need to apply it to the ends unless they are dry. A hydrating conditioner is for moisture but not too heavy. Avoid repair ranges as these are packed with ingredients that will only weigh your hair down and if you don’t have damaged hair, there isn’t any need. There is a big difference between hydrating and repair ranges.

Washing your hair twice like we do in the salon helps get rid of any excess grease and dirt within the hair that perhaps the first shampoo didn’t get rid of. Finally, are you touching your hair a lot? This also can make your hair and scalp become greasy quite quickly. Sebastian Drynamic shampoo is brilliant at eliminating signs of greasy hair but following these tips above will really help.

  1. Is there any way to avoid split ends, or to hide them if you can’t see a hairdresser?

Do you use a hair oil?

I use Wella Luxe Oil which really helps disguise split ends until your next haircut.  I always apply to freshly washed hair to the mid-lengths and ends before I blow dry and instantly my ends aren’t as bad. You can also apply a small amount to dry hair if you need to.

  1. How can I disguise my roots if I can’t get to a salon?

Root cover up sprays are amazing which are available on the high street. These will not affect your hair at all when you return to the salon for your usual colour. If you can’t get hold of any root spray, for an emergency touch up you could use eye shadow. Just choose the tone closest to your hair colour. Changing your parting too can disguise roots. Try changing to a zig zag instead of a straight parting.

  1. I always get flyaways when I wear my hair up, what are the best products or ways to avoid this?

Hairspray will eliminate any flyaways. Just add a little to you brush before you style your hair and that should keep away those pesky flyaways.

  1. My hair snaps really easily, what can I do to strengthen it?

Treatments, treatments, treatments! The more strengthening treatments you can apply, the better as this will make your hair so much stronger. It will make it look healthier too. Also, heat can really damage your hair so, if you aren’t using heat protection, don’t use it!

  1. I long for sleek, straight hair, but it always ends up frizzy – any tips?

Use oil on your hair before you blow dry and a nozzle on your dryer.. This helps smooth the hair so much more than without a nozzle. My hair is quite frizzy and I always apply Wella Luxe Oil before I blow dry. This contains dehumidifying ingredients so helps me smooth my hair a lot easier. Try and use a brush whilst drying to keep the cuticle nice and smooth.. Sectioning the hair is a huge help too so the hair is blow dried evenly throughout.. Use the cool button on your hair dryer after your have almost finished drying each section for amazing shine and to keep the hair smoother for longer.

  1. My hair is thinning now I’m going through the menopause. Is there a way to make it look fuller?

There are so many volumising products to help make your hair look fuller. I love the Sebastian Thickefy foam. It’s totally weightless yet gives lots of volume. Wella’s Nioxin range is unbelievable for thinning hair. The results speak for themselves. You will notice new hair growth and much stronger hair.

  1. How can I return to my natural hair colour with the least hassle?

I would choose colours most similar to your natural one as you grow out your hair colour. This way your hair will look very natural and no one would guess you had colour on your hair while your natural shade comes through and blends in beautifully.

  1. Do I need to deep condition my hair, or use hair oils?

Deep conditioner is great as it strengthens the hair and packs it with moisture. Oil is also a must as using before styling gives you moisture and lots of shine so go for both unless your hair is too fine as they will be too heavy to use together. Just use oil if your hair is quite fine or soft. If your hair is medium to thick and quite dry, use both for extra moisture, shine and to strengthen your locks.

  1. Is it better to let hair air dry or use a hair dryer?

The hairdryer is fine to use as long as you use heat protection, especially if you have quite frizzy hair as the hairdryer will smooth that frizz when blow drying. When left to dry naturally, sometimes frizzy hair can tend to get frizzier. Key products for drying your hair naturally would be Wella System Professional Polished Waves and, again, my go to product, Wella System Professional Luxe Oil.

  1. How can I manage my hair without using heat?

Braids, plaits, topknots, buns…. There are so many tutorials online if you’re unsure how to do any of these. I sometimes go back to my school girl days and literally do two plaits, leaving them in overnight on damp or dry hair.  When I take them out in the morning, I have loose beach vibes which have been achieved without any heat at all.

  1. I wash my hair at night but it’s always limp in the morning, what can I do?

Washing your hair in the morning is the best way to prevent this as you won’t be sleeping on your newly washed hair.

But if you simply haven’t the time, make sure you are using volumising products before you blowdry.

I love Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray. This is a root lift spray and I use a medium round brush for added volume..

At least then when you go to sleep, you’re going with the biggest bounciest hair going and you will 100% wake up with some volume left the next morning.