Tips from Martin….

Creative Team member

We know how frustrating it is waiting for your bleach, or your perm,or your short style to grow out.

Ashby salon director and KH Hair Creative Team member, Martin Quenault shares his useful tips for coping with the wait.


One option is to have some lowlights of your natural colour to break up the solid line as you are growing the bleach out – this will blend it through.

Another option is to go for a balayage technique with a darker colour on the root and lighter towards the ends. The bleach could also be toned with a Wella Colour touch toner. This would help with conditioning the hair on the previous bleach. Conditioning treatments are also highly recommended for these services and I ‘d recommend the Lux Oil in-salon emulsion from Wella.

An undercut

The best thing would be to let it grow for the first initial six weeks. After this, visit your stylist at least every eight weeks to have a trim which helps the hair grow. You can then work with your stylist to re-work your hair into a new longer shape.

A fringe

A full fringe can be changed into a side fringe as you gradually grow it out. Keep your regular appointments and your stylist can gradually blend it in with the length as it grows . Your hair grows on average 1.25cm a month so it shouldn’t take too long to grow out.

A perm/straightening service

With this one, you are just going to have to stick with it until it grows out. Again, keep your regular appointments to keep a nice cut shape. With a perm you can always have regular appointments to have your hair blow dried straight and, of course, a blow dry is a good idea before any special occasion or a night out.

A pixie cut

This is pretty much the same as an undercut, so keep your regular eight week appointments to mould your hair into a new shape with the help of your professional stylist.