Loving your lockdown locks

We’re one day closer to being able to open our doors to all our wonderful clients again.  Meanwhile, here are some tips from KH Hair Creative Team member, Jessica Neil, on how to give your hair some love while away from the salon:

  • Giving your hair a break from heat will have a massive impact on your hair quite quickly. You will notice it grows much faster and stronger and, overall, is a lot healthier.
  • Having a break from bleach and lightening your hair will strengthen your hair massively. You will notice is it fuller, you have less breakage and it is easier to style.
  • If you regularly wear your hair up in a bobble, try and wear your hair down more.. this will give your hair a break from the tension that a bobble can cause by pulling and can also cause breakage. Letting your down will strengthen your hair and take the pressure off your scalp too.
  • Always wearing your hair up in a bun or top knot? Try loosely braiding instead. This prevents hair thinning from wearing in a bun regularly and also takes the pressure off your scalp..
  • Have a break from colouring your hair but if your hair is flat and dull, try colour conditioners, like the Wella Colour Recharge range. There are lots of different shades from warm reds to chocolate browns to honey blondes and these tonal conditioners add a gorgeous hue to the hair whilst conditioning it after you have washed it. No waiting for it to develop, no roots, simply a colour enchanting conditioner.
  • Curly yet frizzy hair? On freshly washed towel dried hair, add two pumps of hair oil. My personal favourite is Wella Luxe Oil. Twist your hair into place for perfect ringlets and spray with Sebastian Reshaper hairspray. This is also a dehumidifying spray and is great at banishing frizz. Then, simply let your hair air dry naturally and VOILA! No more frizz.