Don’t like your new hair do?

KH Hair Creative Team member, Helen Stilwell, gives her advice on how to handle the situation.

First of all, I highly recommend mentioning something while you are still sitting in the chair. This enables the stylist to act on it straight away and try and put it right. They will be able to go back to the consultation and see what and where it went wrong.

Of course, you may not feel at ease telling your stylist. In this case, I would suggest mentioning something to the receptionist when you go to pay and they will be able to advise you what to do next.

In most cases, the manager will discuss what’s gone wrong and then ask you if you feel happy to come back to them personally on a day that suits. This could be when the original stylist isn’t in salon – so you don’t feel awkward. Personally, I would also say “no charge today”.

How best to engage with the salon if you contact them later on
We always send an email out straight away asking about the service you have received. So, if there is any negative feedback, we can contact you straight away, asking you to come and see the manager. If we didn’t have this service in place and you rang up a few days or a couple of weeks later, we would follow the same procedure and ask you to come in so we can have a look at it. If it’s left too long, it makes it very difficult to find out what the problem was, as growth will have started.

What a good and responsible stylist/colourist should do
Depending on the situation and how bad it is. We always offer a complimentary redo. If it’s going to take a few appointments to get right, then there will be no charge until it’s right.
We will always offer homecare products if it was colour and condition that was compromised. This would always be handled by our manager, so the client is getting the best service and experience.

How to wear a cut you hate while you’re waiting for it to grow out
Unfortunately, the best advice is to have patience and let areas grow if they need to.  If it’s too short around the front and keeps falling across your face, then head bands and grips are great for helping with this. While it is growing I recommend going to the salon every six weeks so it can be reshaped as it’s growing out.

I have been known to cut hair even shorter if layers have been cut too short or the haircut is very unbalanced. Sometimes it’s fate as they have preferred this new style. It’s something they wouldn’t have thought of having or asking for.

How to look after your hair if you’re dealing with a colour you hate
Condition, condition and condition again. If hair has been over processed, it’s going to look dry and frizzy. So injecting as much moisture in there as possible will help. This will also prep the hair ready for the next time you have it coloured. Wella System Professional has some amazing hair masks which penetrate into the hair and can reconstruct the hair structure. Regular trims are also important to remove any dead ends or unwanted colour. Sometimes, it’s the ends that tend to grab hold of colour and colour differently to the rest of the hair.

Other important points
I feel communication is the key. It’s vital for the stylist to make the client feel confident and at ease so, if there is a problem, it can be resolved with no one feeling awkward or upset.
Also, consultation is so important. As a stylist, we shouldn’t carry the service out until we are 100% happy we know what the client wants. We should recap throughout the service on what the outcome is going to be and what the stylist is doing. This stops any lack of communication for both parties.