Salon Hair at Home

Introducing our next in the series of top tips for surviving lockdown. With thanks to KH Hair Creative Team member, Martin Quenault.

Wella Luxe OilHow to do your own salon worthy blow dry

If you are wanting more body in your hair, apply some volume mousse such as Nioxin Bodifying Foam, starting on the underneath and working through with your fingers so as not to overload on your parting. You can then start by turning your head upside down and blasting your hair from the roots with a medium heat but full power on your hairdryer. Then once back upright, use a large round brush taking smaller sections about one centimetre deep and the width of your brush. Place your brush in at the root and lift as you

work down the hair then turn at the ends to curl your hair under. Turning the hair under will create more bounce and volume.

If you are after a sleeker look, apply an oil such as Wella Luxe Oil.

This will give your hair shine and heat protection. Use a large flat paddle brush or a vent brush and take sections about two centimetres deep and the width of your brush, using a high speed and high heat and a nozzle on your hairdryer to concentrate the airflow. Work down your hair from root to tip. Finish off on a cool heat as this will give your hair more shine and, if needed, run your ghd straighteners through on the same size sections as your blow dry.

Styling tips to refresh your style

Sebastian DryamicVelcro rollers are always good for second day hair. Use a bit of hairspray with medium hold e.g Sebastian Re-Shaper. Lightly spray this over your hair then take sections the size of the rollers and working from your parting and your crown down roll them in. It is easier to start with large rollers and work down to smaller ones. You don’t have to do your whole head in rollers you could just do the top section to give it some oomph.  Leave those in for about twenty minutes then take them out. You can always give it a blast of heat with the hairdryer to give your hair some more hold before you take the rollers out.  After removing your rollers,  just run your fingers through or use a bristle brush to smoothen the top of the sections.  If you want to add any more volume, you can add a bit of back-combing taking small sections and combing down from tip to root.

Dry shampoos such as Sebastian Drynamic or Nioxin Instant Fullness are great for refreshing your style. Just spray through your roots and work your fingers through pushing your hair into the preferred shape. Dry shampoo will give your hair a workable hold.

How to use your straighteners to get the perfect curl

I always tell my clients that the best way to curl their hair themselves is to take sections of about two inches, working from the underneath towards the top and placing the straighteners in close to the root. Close them gently and turn them completely over 360 degrees then pull down as if straightening the hair. It is almost like scoring a ribbon. The hair will then curl back up. To alter the size of curl, just change the size of section. If you use very large sections the result will be more of a wave than a curl.

How to trim your own hair

It is never a good idea to trim your hair yourself and definitely best to leave it to the professionals. However in these uncertain times and your stylist not being available to cut your hair if you get very desperate, I would advise to try and get hold of some hairdressing scissors. Kitchen scissors are a definite no go! I would only take a small amount off to keep it in shape, please don’t attempt a restyle. Only cut your hair dry when doing it yourself as if you do it wet it will be much shorter when you have dried it. Take small sections and use the tips of the scissors to just take the ends off and chip into the hair rather than just making blunt lines in your style. I cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to only take a small amount off otherwise you could end up in a mess. It might be a good idea to get your partner to help as cutting the back would be very difficult yourself. If you do live alone you could use two mirrors to help yourself but be very careful.

How to trim a fringe

The best way to trim a fringe is to cut it dry and pin the rest of your hair out of the way. If you have a full fringe, comb it all forward and just take the tips off using the points of the scissors. If you have a side fringe, comb it to the side how you normally wear it and use the blade of the scissors to lightly skim the edge off in a diagonal of how you wear your fringe. Another option is to grow your fringe out. If doing this with a side fringe, just keep combing it over and applying spray or wax to hold it to the side. With a full fringe, you can part it in the middle and push some to each side as you grow it, again applying sprays and waxes to hold it out of your way.

Tips for colouring your own hair

This is definitely best left to the professionals but to help blend those roots until you can return to your trusted colourist, I would advise to do the minimum possible. You can always use makeup to blend your roots in. Use a brush and apply a powder eye shadow similar to your hair colour down your parting and around your hairline to help blend those greys. If you can contact your salon they may be able to recommend and supply some professional temporary hair colours e.g coloured mousse that you could use to help blend any root area. Another option is to style your hair differently to hide your roots e.g use a zig zag parting or, with a shorter style, wear your hair coming forward more as this will help disguise your root area.