Summer Inspo

The Mullet Returns…

We asked members of the KH Hair Creative and Colour Teams to share their tips for the hottest hair colours and styles for summer 2021.

Who’d have thought the 70s mullet would ever make a comeback?

Well, it has, and we love it!!

The mullet is back!” says Creative Team member, Martin Quenault. “Clients are asking for a more choppy/shaggy look with more layers and the more texture the better.” Fellow team member, Mary Geoghegan agrees. “Cuts such as the mullet and the shag are most definitely back. These styles are great for enhancing natural curl or creating movement in hair. Think Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift.”

Other trends Martin has identified include centre partings with bangs. “This is a really big look this summer. The style can be worn with longer, softer bangs or shorter and more defined.  I’m also seeing longer hair with lots of cascading layers with movement and texture, long layered hair which has been blow dried or rollered back to give a very 70s wave feel and longer fringes, just above the eyelashes. At the other extreme, very short buzz cuts are proving very popular.”

Summer Inspo - The Mullet Returns…

Since the salons have re-opened, Colour Team member, Joanne Roe, says she has identified three trends in particular.  “First up is completely transitional hair, for example, from long to short or vice versa.  I think that, over the last year, people have either got so fed up with their hair that they want it all cutting off, or they quite like having the extra length so want to keep a longer look. I also think people are making this commitment to completely change their look because they can start to see the end of all this madness and almost want a fresh start.

“Secondly, face framing is massive. It’s a great way to freshen up your colour and brighten up your whole look. After so long in lockdown with dull lifeless hair, this technique is quick but gives stunning results. It’s also really versatile. You can do a face frame with a natural base or alongside a balayage, depending on your desired look. And who says it has to be blonde? It’s easily toned to freshen up your look ready for the weekend or a holiday.”

Last but not least, I’m finding myself creating a lot of curtain bangs, again because people have grown their hair and are struggling to know what to do with it. This is a great way to freshen up your look.  Curtain bangs work really well alongside a face frame colour and also work amazingly when people like to tie their hair up. This look is fresh and is very manageable.

As for colour, Martin says this year’s hottest looks are baby pinks and red hair tones ranging from soft strawberry blonde to more vibrant shades.  “90s chunky highlights are also back, but a little more blended than the original look. Blondes are choosing a more natural golden feel.”

Mary says the colour palette is more contrast focused this year. “Lilac and yellow work wonderfully. Think playful pastels and put them all together.

Summer Inspo - The Mullet Returns…


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