Hair Apprenticeships

KH Hair apprenticeships provide a professional hairdressing services
to the general public through our own nominated training salons.

Hair Apprenticeships


Hair apprenticeships are delivered
by Central Training Group.

Looking for a start in hairdressing?

Whether you are a school leaver or a person who is looking for an alternative career path, KH Hair is here to help you achieve your dream of becoming a hairstylist. As a renowned salon franchise within the East Midlands and UK, we care about building creative, happy and engaged teams across all our salons. To do this, we provide world-class education in hair, our training team has years of experience and will be with you every step of the way. In addition to our dedicated training classrooms, we will place you in one of our nominated salons, where our directors and salon managers prioritise your wellbeing and provide the right support to ensure you become the best hairdresser you can be. Join KH Hair and you will work in a team that looks after each other.

Award Winning

As an award-winning hairdressing franchise in the UK, we offer the full journey from starting your apprenticeship to the director of a salon. We feel that learning in the hair industry is never complete, that’s why we help to neuter our teams and work with them to reach their goals whether it’s becoming a certified Wella colour expert or something different, we are always on hand to help you reach your dreams.

Do you want to know about becoming an apprentice at KH Hair

If you are interested in our hairdressing apprenticeships but don’t know where to get started, please visit the link below to see our full process for apprenticeships and see how your application can stand out:

Want to know more about Hair Apprenticeships?


Our hairdressing apprenticeships last up to 3 years and covers all aspects of hair through structured classroom sessions and salon hands-on experience. Once 2 years is complete, you will receive an NVQ Level II Diploma, which will certify that you have attained the skills and knowledge to work as a professional hairdresser.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do an apprenticeship for hairdressing?

Yes! We offer hairdressing apprenticeship placements at all of our salons. Simply fill out the form on our dedicated website and choose where you would like to work and then our salon teams will get back to you.

What are the entry requirements for our hair apprenticeships?

There are no formal requirements and your employment will depend on the success of an interview at the chosen salon. However if you do not achieve a grade from 9 – 4 GCSE in maths and English you will be required to do a functional skills test in these subjects at Level 1. The programme is suitable for hairdressers in the 16 – 19 age groups who will be on a 2 year training and employment contract.

How long does a hairdressing apprenticeship last?

Hair apprenticeships will typically last 2 years to but can last up to 3 years if you choose to add barbering and additional methods into your training.

What are the attendance details | Year 1?

Year 1

  • Once every week you will attend the Central@KH Hair Training Academy
  • One training session per week in the KH Hair Salon
  • Full time employment at the KH Hair salon
  • Functional skills test will be undertaken where required (as above)
What are the attendance details | Year 2?

Year 2

  • Once every week you will attend the Central@KH Hair Training Academy.
  • One training session per week in the KH Hair Salon within which you will be working full time in employment.
  • In year two you will gain your Level II Diploma for Hair Professionals.
What are the attendance details | Year 3?

Year 3

  • Barbering, alongside other advanced methods of hairdressing.
What qualifications will I gain?

Level II Diploma for Hair Professionals.

How do I achieve these qualifications?

NVQ Diploma Level II for Hair Professionals.

Students are required to build a portfolio of work which will consist of hairdressing practical assessments and written tests.

In year one students will study the theory and science of hairdressing whilst also working on practical heads.

In year two students will attend the training salon where they will work on live models in order to achieve competent assessments.

At the end of the two year training period students will be qualified to a basic Level II in hairdressing.

What career opportunities are available?

As a Stylist
Working through the different levels of commission and concentrating on building up a clientele. Your responsibilities are to your clients, the salon and the other staff.

As a Trainer
Involvement in training junior staff as well as being a stylist which demands particular skills and personal strengths (eg; patience, organisation etc). It is a rewarding path to follow and can lead to more scope within the KH Hair Group and the Central@KH Hair Training School.

As part of the Creative Team

Involvement in shows, photographic work and staff development, as well as being a stylist. This role demands more commitment of your personal time, involves traveling both at home and abroad and can be emotionally tiring
It is an exciting role for a team player with flair and imagination who is also prepared to work with like-minded people, but expect constructive criticism to achieve the team goal.

Salon Supervisor
As an experienced stylist you will become more involved with the daily running of the salon assisting the Franchisee / Manager to motivate the staff with every day duties. (Eg; cleaning, stock control, monitoring attendance etc). This role requires good people skills and personal organisation.

Manager / ess
A more demanding position working with the Franchisee / Salon Director. Could take total responsibility for the running of the salon in the absence of the Director and would need to be prepared to undertake specific training to gain a greater understanding of management skills. This is always a full time position.

KH Hair Franchisee
Owning your own business under the KH Hair Group banner. You will receive administrative, marketing and PR support from Head Office and will be encouraged to “drive” your own business forward.
Head Office will keep in close contact and will always be available to offer professional advice, mentoring to help with any problems giving you more time and freedom to develop your own ideas and concepts. Details regarding Franchise opportunities can be obtained from the KH Hair Group.


KH Hair has been providing professional hairdressing services to the general public through our own nominated training salons.

The Central@KH Hair training academy is located within our Head Office premises and we currently have a long standing clientele of training models however, we are always welcome to new applicants.

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