To Chop or not to Chop?

By Helen Stilwell | KH Hair Arnold Salon

To chop or not to chop?

With a new season approaching, it’s often a time we start to consider a change of hairstyle. If you’re thinking of taking a much shorter approach, here are some tips to consider courtesy of KH Hair Creative Team leader, Helen Stilwell.

Where to look for inspiration:
My favourite place for inspiration is Pinterest. You can go as far as putting short hair onto your own face shape, or search ‘face shapes’ to see which one you have. Instagram is good too where you can look at salon pages for before and after cuts.  Magazines are OK, but I think a lot of the styles are too way out or too young looking, so I’d recommend Pinterest and Instagram.

What to consider when selecting a hairdresser
I’d suggest you always ask who cuts short hair the best in the salon you choose.  Unfortunately there will usually be a couple of stylists who are maybe less experienced, or simply don’t like cutting short hair. Social media or the salon’s website will usually give you lots of information about who does what and sometimes you can see photographs of their work too.

The most flattering cuts
This will depend on the face shape, lifestyle and image. Some clients may like a particular cut but it doesn’t mean it suits their look or hair texture so it’s got to be tailored for each individual person. For example, pixie cuts can be stunning but only on the right person and face shape. Short into the neck and length coming just above the chin is very popular and can suit most clients as you can personalise the cut to suit them. This shape can really help to open someone’s face and expose someone’s cheek bones or eyes.

If your face is round then I would suggest you don’t go for a hair cut that frames the chin area as this will make it appear rounder.  Cuts that are soft with texture and sit above the chin area can be more flattering than having a bob or longer length.

Other considerations
People’s lifestyle and image can also play a big part in deciding which hair cut would suit them too. Busy clients with no time on their hands would be better suited to a short, flicked out, messy, textured look – very playful.  However, some clients prefer a more sleek, neat cut but this really depends on the thickness of their hair – it may look too flat.  Does it need texture to create volume? Perhaps a neat bob that sits quite short near the ears. The possibilities are many but this is where the importance of a thorough consultation beforehand is paramount.

So, if you’re considering the chop this autumn, contact your nearest KH Hair salon to book in for your expert consultation. We look forward to seeing you soon.