Calverton couple celebrate first wedding anniversary with colourful hair transformation

A Calverton couple have celebrated their first wedding anniversary with a vivid hair makeover at KH Hair in Arnold.

Rachel (49) a psychotherapist, and Pippa (52) a publisher, writer and bookseller, wanted to mark their first wedding anniversary by re-creating the bright colours they’d had in their hair for the big occasion in 2017.

The couple were completely transformed at KH Hair in Arnold after stylists, Louise Wagstaffe and Mollie Howell, showed them the new Wella Color Fresh Create range – a collection of vivid semi-permanent direct colours which they loved.

“We had to go up to Sheffield to have our hair coloured for the wedding as no one in Nottingham did the bright colours we wanted.” says Rachel. “We were really happy when Louise and Mollie showed us the new Color Fresh Create range.  It was exactly what we were looking for.

I wear a lot of purples and pinks,” she adds, “so it was easy to choose my three shades. Pippa was really drawn to the bright blue and ultra-violet which look so vibrant together.”

Rachel and Pippa, who originally met through the Nottingham Writers’ Studio, say they’ve had nothing but positive remarks about their new look. “Everybody has been really complimentary.” says Rachel and we’re thrilled with our chosen colours.”

Color Fresh Create lasts for up to 20 washes and, Louise, who coloured and styles Rachel’s hair, says, unlike other direct colours, they keep their tone as they wash out.  “Other direct colours change tone every time the hair is washed.” she explains.

“So, for example, a blue may fade out to a green before disappearing completely. “However, with this range, a blue will stay blue but simply fade to a lighter shade after every wash.”

Louise says the new Colour Fresh Create range is extremely popular with all ages. “To be honest, we thought just young people would go for it.” she explains. “However, people of all ages are loving it which is really great.”

“We had a fabulous time in the salon.” says Rachel. “Louise and Mollie really spoiled us and we felt very well looked after. It was a great atmosphere on the day as a group of girls were there having their hair done for a prom that evening so were all very excited.  Our thanks go to the team for a really lovely day.”