Get Festival Ready with KH Hair

Get festival ready!

Die-hard festival goer, Helen Stilwell, salon manager at KH Hair in Arnold, gives her top tips on how to prepare your look for this year’s season.

Festival season is upon us and it really is one of my favourite times of the year.  I recently attended the Isle of Wight Festival and my previous experiences include Download, V Festival and Leeds Festival, as well as a number of small weekend events across the UK. I’ve loved them all.  So much so that, after watching Glastonbury 2019 on TV, I got straight on the phone and registered for next year and I can’t wait!!

Now I appreciate festivals aren’t for everyone.  Let’s face it, who’d want to not shower or wash their hair for days?  And who actually LIKES camping?? And what on earth do you take to wear???

But don’t panic!  You can do this! And here are a few pointers to help you enjoy the wonderful experience that is the outdoor music festival.


The morning of the festival, I always have a very long shower, exfoliating all my dead cells away. Then I apply moisturiser all over to make my skin hydrated and shiny.

Most festivals I’ve been to have, thankfully, been warm and sunny so that’s a cue for my freckles to appear!  I ALWAYS take sun cream and apply it regularly to protect my skin. When it comes to make up, I don’t tend to wear much to avoid clogging my skin up.  I just opt for a little blusher, mascara and, of course, some sun care lip balm for protection.

Nioxin from KH HairHair

For me, a last minute visit to the hair salon is a must. A professional blow dry will always last longest and, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not ask for a plait or some curls to enhance your look?  Or even go for a pink, lilac or silver wash for added festival appeal.

My hair is shoulder length so I always have a blow dry with a little volume. This usually lasts me until around day four when it starts to go flat, having slept on it a few times.

However, my magic product recommendation?  Nioxin Instant Fullness Dry Cleanser!

This miracle product has me looking like I’ve just walked out of the salon every day!

Instant Fullness instantly absorbs oil and helps to prolong volume. It’s lightweight and you never get any overloading of product in your hair as it just brushes out. To use, make sure to shake it, then  spray onto dry hair, brush through and style as desired. That’s my hair sorted and here’s what my lovely client Ellen has to say about it:

“Nioxin Instant Fullness  is a game changer in dry shampoo.  I am such a fan. Spray it on your roots, and hey presto, full hair. Spray it on the days you can’t be bothered to wash your hair and hey presto, you have clean hair. It’s awesome!  It has a really fresh smell with no fakeness to it and it doesn’t leave any residue or make your hair matted; I truly cannot live without it. Travel size or normal size, just make sure you have some to hand. It’s brilliant!”

What to wear?

I love fashion and I always research what the hot festival looks are for each year. Although they do tend to stay quite similar, this year was all about lace and sheer garments. I’m small so I often struggle to find anything that fits, so I keep it simple. I always wear shorts (usually denim blue or black) regardless of sun or rain.  Then it’s vest tops, ponchos, ankle boots and I always take my favourite Superdry jumper which looks cool with a pair of denim shorts. Layering up is key.

Oh, and whatever you do, DON’T FORGET YOUR WELLIES!

And so to bed…

If you don’t think camping is for you, you could always try glamping, but prepare for your credit card to take a hammering, as this option can be very costly indeed.

I LOVE camping and I’d really recommend anyone to try it.  Go outside your comfort zone and get in that tent.  It’s great fun and you get to meet so many lovely people when you emerge for your first cuppa of the day.

Happy festival season!

Helen xx