Give your hair a break

We can’t wait to have all our lovely clients back in the salon.

Meanwhile, KH Hair Creative Team member, Mary Geoghegan, offers her tips on how to give your hair a holiday during lockdown.

  • Reduce the time your hair is in contact with heat appliances.
    Aim to use heat just once a week or three times as an absolute maximum! Always make sure you use a quality heat protector.
    My favourite is Trilliant by Sebastian Professional.
  • The sun is heat too.
    Just as it burns your skin, it can also burn your hair! If you are spending time in the sun, make sure you have your hair sunscreen on protecting it from UVA/UVB rays.
    My favourite range is System Professional’s Solar by Wella.
  • Use an intensive nourishing treatment targeting the needs of your hair.
    An amazing repair treatment is Nioxin’s Deep Protect Density Mask which prevents 97% breakage. When you apply it, target the ends first. This is the older hair which has had more wear and tear.
    Once applied, give yourself a head massage as this will stimulate hair growth as well as helping you to relax.
  • Style your hair in a less severe way such as a low ponytail or loose braids.
    Pulling hair tightly off your face or tightly securing with bobbles can cause a lot of stress to the hair follicle and cuticle and, over a period of time, it can cause breakage or even hair loss.
  • Get your nutrient intake up!
    Aim to get the majority of your nutrients from your food source but extra from vitamins, especially if you have a deficiency. I would recommend B12, but consult with your health practitioner if you have concerns.
  • Finally… meditation.
    It may sound crazy but external (as shown in previous points) and internal stress has a huge impact on hair growth. I highly advise taking a few minutes morning and evening to calm your mind, breath and be still.
    It will help you gain focus and prevent you being overwhelmed by stress.

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