That 90’s Vibe

Remember Ginger Spice?

Of course you do! Geri Halliwell is well remembered for her iconic hairdo.  She introduced a streak of colour to her hair and inspired millions of young girls to do the same.

Girl power!

Well, the 90’s vibe is most definitely back in fashion and we’re loving it! We asked KH Hair Colour Team member and Wella Master Colour Expert, Joanne Roe, about the comeback of this colour trend and how it inspired her to create her award-winning look for Wella’s TrendVision competition.

“The 90s was the main inspiration for my Wella TrendVision look. Thinking back to Geri and The Spice Girls, I absolutely loved her look, but my aim was to refine it and make it more current.  I was so proud when I was able to go to London and represent my salon, KH Hair Leicester.  The look earned me third place and I was so happy because the competition is very fierce.

Since then, I’ve seen this look being created more and more in the salon – sometimes soft and subtle, sometimes bold and strong. I’ve heard it called many things, including face frame, money piece and contouring. The main objective to this technique is to use colour to enhance someone’s features. This could be by bringing out their eye colour, brightening their skin tone, or adding a different dimension which can really lift their facial structure. The beauty of this technique is it can be pretty much used on anyone, whether the hair is fine or thick, light or dark – the possibilities are endless.

That 90’s Vibe

This colouring trend has actually been around for a long time, but only very few colourists use it. I have been colouring for over 20 years and it is very much second nature when I look at someone’s hair. A lot of the time, I instinctively know exactly the best way to enhance their hair and features. I love transforming people’s hair, making them feel more confident, but also making the most of their look . I’m  pleased to say I have built up a trust now with a lot of my clients and they are very much guided by me and what I recommend.”

Do you fancy that 90’s vibe?

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