Sebastian Professional

limitless self-expression


Since the beginning, Sebastian has enabled stylists and the stylish with new products, tools and techniques.

Our styles work in the spotlight, in the salon and on the street. Our innovations simplify, and put self-expression in your hands. 

Every decade heralds a new line-up of icons that test the limits of hair creation.

Cellophanes was the first colour that came with choice.

Shaper, the world’s first any-which-way spray.

Potion 9 created the canvas for limitless style.

Eruptek injected hair with expansive clouds of texture.


Our collective of creative minds connects and keeps the cult of limitless self-expression alive.

Sebastian was the first to put the artistry of hair on stage, with immersive performances that assaulted the senses.

Our looks take to the runway in the world’s fashion capitals, and our local and global gatherings inspire and push hair to new heights.