The bouffant is back?

Sofia Coppola’s new film, ‘Priscilla’ previewed at the New York Film Festival on 6 October. Now, no one rocked a bouffant quite like Priscilla Presley did, and with the film due for release in UK cinemas in January, could the bouffant be about to make a big comeback?

KH Hair Colour Team member, Joanne Roe, thinks that, after the general release of Priscilla, there will DEFINITELY be versions of this iconic look hitting the catwalks and the red carpets. “I think to a certain degree, the bouffant never really went away after being so popular in the late 50s, and then evolving into the 60s with the beehive,” she says. “Even in the 1970/1980s big hair was still very much the height of fashion using big blow dries and curly perms to create volume.

“Hair definitely got flatter during the ’90s. However, we still had the very famous ‘Rachel’ volumised layered look using slight teasing at the root of the crown to create volume and, as we headed into the millennium, the bouffant certainly returned. Amy Winehouse was famous for her big beehive, but we’ve also seen many celebrities wearing a softer version – including Adele.”

KH Hair Creative Team member, Jessica Neil, agrees the bouffant is bound to return. “Yes, the bouffant will be back but with a modern twist,” she says. I’m talking textured ponies with volume bouffant shape, long bangs, side partings & tousled ends. Just in time for the winter period, ready for statement hair for the Christmas party season but with a modern twist and looking super stylish and on trend.

“The bouffant with a modern twist.”

Backcombs at the ready!

We asked Joanne and Jessica for their advice on how to create the perfect bouffant.

“Previously, it was created with lots of backcombing and hairspray, or should I say hair lacquer,” says Joanne. “It was probably as stiff as a board!! Now, it’s a lot softer, still with backcombing in the hair but using a powdered spray to add volume. Also, some form of padding can be used instead of backcombing the hair as much. That way, it is a lot better for your hair and very easy to brush out with a detangling brush.

“My go-to product would be Nioxin Instant Fullness. A lot of people don’t realise that dry shampoo can be very bad for your scalp, but the Nioxin range is great for keeping your scalp healthy and promoting new growth. I also love Zero Gravity by Sebastian. This product is a lightweight hairspray with great hold and it’s very easy to brush out.”

Jessica says to safely create a bouffant style without damaging your hair, products are key, and you will also need a professional backcombing brush.

Here are her tips on products and styling:

Wella Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray
Spray to roots and blow dry in using a large round brush. Then reapply the Volupt Spray and blow dry again for maximum volume and hold.

Wella Sebastian Professional Drynamic Dry Shampoo
Apply at the roots around the crown area before gently backcombing with a professional backcombing brush, taking 1/2-inch sections and making slow backcomb movements to create shape and hold.

Wella Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce Hairspray
For maximum hold, spray once the perfect shape has been formed to set in place allowing the height to stay put for the perfect bouffant style.

“These products are great for creating the perfect bouffant without the hair shape collapsing and falling flat,” she says.

We can’t wait for the release of Priscilla and the return of the bouffant! What a great look for this season’s parties and special occasions. If you’re embracing the trend, we’d love to see your pics, so please don’t forget to tag us @khhairgroup