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Professional Home Care & Salon Products

For over eight decades, KH Hair has been at the forefront of the beauty and hairstyling industry, consistently delivering cutting-edge innovations and services. Our rich history underscores our commitment to providing hairdressers and beauticians with the tools they need to express their creativity. Through a dedication to quality and excellence, we ensure that professionals associated with KH Hair have access to the very best products available.

Clients can also bring a piece of the KH Hair experience home by purchasing premium products directly from our salons. We extend the opportunity for individuals to maintain their salon-fresh look with the same high-quality products used by our professionals. While not all KH Hair Salons may stock or use the same featured in-salon products, our commitment to offering great products for purchase enhances the overall customer experience. We value transparency and encourage clients to inquire about specific products when booking appointments, providing a seamless transition from salon treatments to at-home care.


Frequently Asked Questions

What products do hairdressers use?

At our KH Hair salons we use a plethera of products from a range of businesses from the likes of Wella Professionals to Sebastian. We are product experts meaning our teams are trained to identify the products needed for your hair. Call into one of our salons today and take home your favourite salon product!

What are salon grade products?

Salon products feature premium ingredients, with a higher concentration in every bottle. In contrast, supermarket products are more budget-friendly, but they may incorporate fewer high-grade ingredients, often supplemented with various chemicals and fillers.

Can I buy from salons directly?

Yes! You can by from each salon respectivly however please note not all KH Hair salon stock the featured products. Please contact the indivual salon for any queries you may have.

Is it worth buying salon hair products?

We say yes! The choice of hair care products can greatly impact the appearance and texture of your hair. With a multitude of tools and products in the market, it can be daunting to determine the most suitable options. That’s where relying on professional advice becomes invaluable. At KH Hair, we exclusively offer top-tier hair care styling, shampoo and conditioning products curated for your at-home use.