Avant-Garde collection ‘Tincture’ 

This collection was produced not to look crazy or wild, but to embrace the weird and wonderful natural beauty in all of us. Our differences in skin pigmentation, hair colours & textures, body shapes and abilities. These things make us who we are and that it beautiful.

Scrap conventional idealised beauty and embrace who you are.. who WE ARE!

The colour palette was inspired by mother nature herself in the form of fungi. Popping up here, there and everywhere in different colours, textures, shapes and sizes, but only seen when you look for it. A reflection of everything we are judged by in society.

I had an amazing team of real women to work with and they helped bring my vision to life.



  • Concept and hair – Mary Geoghegan, KH Hair Nottingham
  • Hair assistant- Emily Dyer
  • Photographer- Deborah Selwood
  • MUA- Cristina Lazzarotto
  • Models- Miriam Rodriguez, Fiona Manneh, Cannelle Vigilant, Felicity Dunstan
  • Products- Wella Sebastian
  • Tools- GHD