All you need to know before committing to a BIG hair transformation!

Fancying a new do for 2022?


Wanting a BIG change but not quite sure if you dare?

We asked KH Hair Colour Team member and Wella Master Colour Expert, Joanne Roe, for her advice on what you should consider before going for a big chop or colour change.

Use photos for inspiration, and plenty of them!

Gather a collection or put a mood board together to give yourself more of an idea.

blue hair transformation

This client came in with an inspo pic which is a massive help to make sure you’re both on the same page. I always stress that all hair is different so it might not look exactly like the picture.

This was meant as a pop of colour for summer and it worked beautifully.

If a client is nervous, but committed, about having a big chop, I would definitely do this in stages – maybe over a couple of appointments and looking at two different styles.

Then they have the option to go shorter if they want to.

red transformation
red transformation
red transformation

This client was new to the salon, and she wasn’t sure how short she wanted to go.

She showed me a picture of a graduated bob which we went for as a first go. At her second appointment, she felt more comfortable and confident, so we took her hair even shorter.

You should speak to your stylist/colourist about how much of a commitment your transformation is going to be. This includes how long it will be before you need to come in to either have the style put back in, or the colour freshened/upkeep etc.

Are your aspirations realistic?

short hair transformation

I had already been colouring this client’s hair for a while, so we had built up a trust.

She had been short before, so she was very confident about her decision to have the big chop, which made my life a lot easier. Sometimes, when a client doubts their decision, it makes you doubt yourself, but you’ve got to believe in your skills and stay confident.

For big colour transformations, I like to do more than one consultation, taking test pieces to try out colours prior to the appointment. This can give clients more of a realisation of how the colour is going to turn out. It also tells us how the colour is going to lift etc.

Hair can be quite unpredictable, especially if the client is not telling the truth about what products have been applied to it…

pink transformation

The great thing about the Wella range of creative colours is that, although they do fade over time, they always stay true to tone.

So, it may start off bright, but the more you wash it the lighter it will become when you’ve got a light base underneath.

I think social media is great for inspiration and ideas for your next creative colour.

All KH Hair salons offer a free, no-obligation consultation, so book in to chat to your stylist/colourist about your big change aspirations.

And don’t forget those photos!!