When to book for a Bridal Hair Trial?

Bridal Hair Trials in the East Midlands for 2024 and 2025

Wedding days are one of the highlights of your life. However, planning is everything, especially if you are the bride! Planning a wedding can also be stressful but one way you can alleviate some of that stress would be to book a bridal hair trial and make sure you’re completely happy with your hair on your special day. As we move through 2024 and close in on 2025, if you have your wedding booked it’s the perfect time to start planning and scheduling your hair trial.

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What is a Bridal Hair Trial?

A bridal hair trial is basically a practice run-through, with a stylist, it’s a perfect opportunity for a bride to try out ideas for her dream hair style in preparation for their wedding day, similar to a wedding dress fitting. These hair trials offer expert styling advice, the timings involved, discussions about any accessories that may be involved in the hair styling, including flowers, a veil or even hair extensions. The stylist will take the time to test out the brides’ ideas, so that on the big day everything looks beautiful. A service like this can be provided for bridesmaids, parents and grooms, if needed. As the wedding day gets closer, couples are often extra busy with last minute arrangements and, by scheduling a bridal hair trial up to two months in advance, brides can feel confident that their hair will be one thing less to stress about.

When do I book a Bridal Hair Trial?

It’s really important to schedule a bridal hair trial about a month or two before the big day, preferably in the morning so you can make sure it lasts the whole day. This gives the bride and the stylist enough time to make any necessary adjustments to the styling. If the plan is to introduce a new hair colour, it’s best to schedule a trial about three months in advance to allow the stylist to plan the transition and work with the bride’s new colour and cut. Any final colouring should be booked in about two weeks before the wedding day to let the hair settle but still be fresh on the big day. Additionally, a significant cut should be discussed four months before the wedding day and any last cuts or changes should be made about 10 days before the wedding to allow the hair time to adjust and look natural. Brides planning their weddings for late 2024 or early 2025 should start considering these timelines now to ensure their hair is perfect for their big day.

How to Prepare for a Bridal Hair Trial?

To make the most of a bridal hair trial, it’s ideal to arrive at the salon with clean, dry hair that’s ready to be styled. Take along inspirational photos, hair accessories and any notes on previous hairstyles that you loved and had worked perfectly. It’s also important to share important details about the wedding with the stylist so they get an idea of the overall look that needs to be achieved, such as makeup choices, the style of wedding dress and if there will be any changes of outfits during the day together with the location of the wedding venue.

The aim of the trial is to make sure the bride is completely satisfied and happy with her dream hairstyle. If the styling isn’t quite what you had hoped for, there is still time to schedule a follow-up appointment to perfect the hairstyle. That’s why it’s essential to have a clear vision of the perfect look you want and talk through all options with the stylist well in advance of the big day.

Lastly, try and keep an open mind and have realistic expectations during a bridal hair trial. This should be an enjoyable and exciting experience for a bride and always feel free to speak up if something isn’t perfect for you. This is all about your dream wedding hair, after all.

Where should I go for my Bridal Hair Trial?

KH Hair has 21 salons to choose from, based throughout the East Midlands. Each salon has its own dedicated, talented team and their own portfolio for you to choose from and be inspired.

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What happens after a Bridal Hair Trial?

After the trial, your stylist will contact you to ask how your trial hair held up throughout the day. if you want to change any of your hairstyle they will be able to book you in and sort it out well within the timeline needed for your specific services on the day of the wedding.

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