KH Hair hosted one of the first ever ‘Trashy Hairdressers Days’ at the weekend in a bid to clean up the streets in Nottingham City centre.

The event, which was hosted from KH Hair’s Castle Gate salon, saw a group of volunteers from KH Hair and Green Salon Collective (GSC), who organised the event, carry out a litter pick around the City’s streets.

The pick was led by KH Hair Group managing director, Darren Messias, who brought along two of his young sons to help. “Trashy Hairdressers Day is a chance for local hairdressers and beauty professionals to join a litter pick to help keep their communities tidy.” he explains. “When I heard about it, I knew we had to get involved as it really sits well with our company’s sustainability drive. It was a real eye-opener actually. When you just glance at the area you live or work in, there doesn’t appear to be too much litter, but when you walk around you quickly see how much there is lying about, particularly plastic and paper.”

KH Hair partnered with GSC earlier this year in a bid to increase recycling of its salon waste and reduce pollution in the environment. It’s 21 salons have been provided with separation kits and are reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill and allowing almost every single piece of waste to be turned into something new.

Since launching in 2020, GSC has:

Diverted almost 2 tonnes of hair towards cleaning waterways and gardening projects
Recycled over 4.5 tonnes of used foil and colour tubes
Recycled and recovered over 1000 litres of leftover colour and bleach, as well as 2 tonnes of PPE and plastic waste
After the pick, which yielded seven sacks of rubbish, the team, which also included salon manager, Ruth Lindley and her three children, headed back to the salon for drinks and snacks where they collected their well-earned trashy certificates. “Trashy Hairdressers Day was great fun,” added Darren, “With the added bonus of giving us all that much-needed feel good factor by helping to keep our community clean. It was especially good to see that the children who came along with us absolutely loved it!”