Everything You Need to Know About Hairdressing Apprenticeships

Are you passionate about hairdressing and eager to start a rewarding career journey?

If so, an apprenticeship is a great way to start a successful career in hairdressing and in this blog, we’ll explore the key aspects of hairdressing apprenticeships, address frequently asked questions and highlight the path to becoming a skilled professional at KH Hair.

hairdressing apprenticeships

How Long is a Hairdressing Apprenticeship?

One of the first questions aspiring hairdressers often ask is about the duration of a hairdressing apprenticeship. The length of an apprenticeship varies depending on several factors, including the specific program and the requirements set by the governing body or organisation overseeing the apprenticeship.

At KH Hair, aspiring stylists can expect a hair apprenticeship to take 2 years to complete but can last up to 3 years if you choose to add barbering and additional methods to your training. During this period, apprentices undergo a structured training program combining practical, hands-on salon experience with theoretical learning.

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How to Get a Hairdressing Apprenticeship?

At KH Hair, we do our best to make it as easy as possible for you to contact our team and be accepted into one of 21 amazing salons. To apply for our apprenticeship program, visit the Academy website or your chosen salon’s website and fill out the dedicated form on their apprenticeship page. Once you have competed this form and submitted it, one of our team members will get in touch with you to go through the next steps.

Before you complete the KH Hair apprenticeship form, please check out the guide below to ensure you find the right salon for you:

Research and Preparation: look at the salon where you feel most comfortable working or want to learn more about.

Prepare Your Application: Create or tailor your CV to highlight your passion for hairdressing, any relevant experience or qualifications and why you’re enthusiastic about pursuing an apprenticeship with the specific salon.

Apply and Interview: apply to selected salons and prepare for interviews. Demonstrate your enthusiasm and willingness to learn about the hairdressing profession during the interview process.

Continuous Learning: Once accepted into an apprenticeship program, embrace every opportunity for learning and development. Seek feedback from the salon professionals, refining your skills and staying updated on industry trends and techniques.

How Do Hairdressing Apprenticeships Work?

Hairdressing apprenticeships operate on a structured framework designed to provide aspiring hairdressers with a blend of hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge.

Here’s how the process unfolds:

Apprentices work under the guidance of experienced salon professionals, gaining practical experience in various aspects of hairdressing, including cutting, styling, colouring and client consultations. This hands-on training takes place in a real salon environment, allowing apprentices to develop essential skills and techniques.

In addition to practical salon experience, apprentices attend classroom

based training sessions or workshops at the KH Hair Academy to cover theoretical aspects of hairdressing, such as health and safety regulations, customer service skills, product knowledge and industry best practices.

Throughout the apprenticeship, apprentices are assessed through a combination of practical observations, written exams and portfolio submissions.

Upon successful completion of the apprenticeship, apprentices will receive a nationally recognised qualification NVQ Level II Diploma for Hair Professionals. These qualifications certify that apprentices have attained the necessary skills and knowledge to work as professional hairdressers.

What are the career opportunities at KH Hair once you complete your apprenticeship?

There are many exciting career opportunities at KH Hair, starting from a stylist all the way up to KH Hair Franchisee. At KH Hair, we prioritise you and your career development, there are many opportunities within the company and with partners for learning and upskilling. We are so proud of our teams and their achievements and will work with you to ensure that you reach the goals you are looking for in the dynamic hairdressing industry.

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We love our hairdressing apprentices and always have opportunities at our salons for new talents. Apprenticeships offer a great pathway for individuals passionate about hairdressing to gain industry experience and start a fulfilling career. Do YOU want to become a hairdressing apprentice this year?

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